Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Years Day

On New Year's Day, Brandon's dad had to leave so we sadly dropped him off at the airport. After we did that, we considered taking Evie to Chuck E Cheese but she is still a little under the weather and wanted to save that for a time when she would be able to totally enjoy it! So we decided to go to Chik Fil A (who has great healthy menu options especially for kids I must say!) and eat lunch and play in the play place!
Getting ready to go...This is her brand new coat from Grandma!

I sat with little Leyah while daddy and Evie played in the play place! Here are a few pictures of them having a blast!
Then we went home a rested. It was a great day!

Christmas and New Years Catch up!

Our little Leyah has been sick, so I haven't had a chance to update! We have had some really fun family times!

SuNdAy BeFoRe ChRiStMaS - Sunday, December 19th

We haven't had a chance yet to get family pictures done. This Sunday some of the people at church were taking family photos for the church directory! We thought it was perfect time t0 put on our Christmas outfits and snap a photo! The girls are wearing matching dresses my dad bought them for Christmas!

We haven't gotten the picture of all of us together yet but here are a few others we took!

This is my favorite picture EVER! She is such a daddy's girl!

She was yawning...but still cute :o)

ChRiStMaS FaMiLy DaY - Wednesday, December 23rd

We had family coming in and out so much and were so busy with a new little one, that we hadn't had time to take a family day!

So, A sweet parent at Brandon's school gave us an Olive Garden gift certificate and we used that to go out to eat!

Of course Evie had fun eating her pasta alfredo! And then we colored some :o)

Evie and I coloring! I Love that little girl!!

The BEST husband and father EVER!! Feeding little Leyah before he eats!

That was our special day!

ChRiStMaS DaY!

We had the pleasure of Brandon's dad sharing Christmas and New Years with us! He doesn't get to visit often so it was a special time!

This was Evie's first Christmas opening gifts and my first Christmas cooking dinner. We kept everything simple to eliminate stress and to really enjoy being together as a family. It also helped us better keep our thoughts on what Christmas was all about! We enjoyed starting a few traditions of our own!

Evie opening her presents...

Evie was SO excited about her new little reading chair! She loves it! But still needs a little help getting in and out of it :o)

Mrs. Potato Head! A classic...

Playing the awesome Elefun game!!

Playing legos with Grandpa!
This was the first time I cooked a holiday meal! I am not the best cook so I was nervous but it turned out wonderfully and full of flavor! I made pot roast with carrots, green bean casserole, and mashed potatoes!

Cooking and looking fabulous! NOT! Like I said...we just took it easy which means no makeup or doing your hair apparently! LOL!

I got to use my Christmas set for the first time! (I got those candlesticks at Goodwill! I know..I get everything there! :o)

The pot roast after being seared and ready to cook!

My handsome hubby cutting the pot roast getting it ready to eat!

Yummy! All done!

That was our Christmas time!

Hope yours was full of family and love!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Evie's First Christmas Party - Dec 18th

These are pictures from Evie's first Christmas party! It was at Ms. Holly's with all her little friends! It is always so sweet to see Evie interact with her friends and see how she loves them and they love her!
We are so thankful for such a sweet little one!
On the way......
Evie had a great time eating (of course) and then it was time to open her gift! All the parents brought a little gift for their child to open. When it was time to tear open her present she didnt want to rip it! And when someone started helping her, she tried to put it back together!


More eating..
little Christmas Tree and presents!
Opening Presents!

That is it! Fun times!!
--The Evans Fam

Thursday, December 17, 2009

First Post!

This is the Evans' first post!
This will be updated weekly. We will add pictures and keep everyone updated on the events going on!

Talk to you soon!!